HighPost Capital, LLC (“HighPost” or “we”) is a growth focused private equity investment manager, formed in 2019 by the Moross and Bezos families, and is the product of a long-standing profound relationship between David Moross and Mark Bezos, combining many years of successful investing in a broad range of businesses.
David Moross has been a successful professional investor for 30 years in private equity throughout the wide-ranging consumer and media industries. Mark Bezos has a lifetime of operational experience in consumer products and services, creating significant value through marketing and brand awareness. Together David Moross and Mark Bezos formed HighPost Capital. In addition, HighPost benefits from the backing of the Bezos family.
HighPost currently has two platforms:
A control buyout and late-stage growth private equity platform, investing into the sports, media, health & wellness, leisure and lifestyle sectors.

For additional information, please refer to our media page.
An early stage platform investing in consumer and consumer tech enablement businesses.